Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hello Everyone

Hello everyone! My name is Corey Adams and I look forward to working with everyone in this class. I live in Fredericktown Missouri which is about 90 miles south of St. Louis. It is located 18 miles south of Farmington Missouri. I am divorced and I have three beautiful children Amber will be 22 this coming Monday, Joey will be 20 this year, and Candace is 16. I am currently a sophomore and after I finish my Associate of Arts, I plan on attending the University of Missouri Columbia to start working towards my Psychology degree.
 I look forward to learning about the different aspects of literature which helped society form and cope with events over the last half of the 20th century. I would have to say that my favorite author is James Patterson. I really like the Alex Cross and the Women’s Murder Club novels, and I have read almost all of those novels. He puts so much passion and suspense in his writing. Once I pick up on of his books, I find it so hard to put down and walk away.
I think the one thing that people find interesting or unique about me is that I put my life on the line and volunteer as a firefighter to help people when they are in need. People ask me how I can run into a burning building, and I simply tell them that I don’t think about it and just do what I was trained to do. It’s not about the money to me; it’s about the gratification of knowing that I could help someone when they desperately need it.


  1. My grandfather lived in Fredicktown for years! I loved going down there. It wasn't as appealing as the city life, but it was very quaint and I met some real genuine people. And that ice cream place by the court house, talk about rad. Also, much respect being sent your way for your efforts in helping others. We need more good people in the world. Good luck in your endeavors, and I look forward to checking out your opinions on the readings!

  2. Hi Corey,
    The only James Patterson I have read is When the Wind Blows, but I really enjoyed it.
    Thank you for volunteering for such an important and dangerous job!
    Welcome to the class!

  3. Hello Corey,

    I grew up in Farmington/ Fredricktown! I can't believe how much it has grown in the last few years. Unfortunately, the I don't know what I'd do with myself after being in city for so long, but I still have a little country in me. Good luck with everything!