Thursday, September 18, 2014

Problems for America

I believe that Ginsberg had seen enough wars and poverty in his lifetime that made him question the philosophies of the United States. At the time that he wrote “America,” he had lived through the Great Depression, World War II, and the Korean War. Ginsberg seems to be speaking his mind on how he feels about the way America was handling things in that era. He talks about what America can do with the atom bomb in reference with World War II. (I wasn’t going quote that one.) Ginsberg wrote “When can I go into the supermarket and buy what I need with my good looks?” (15). I think he is upset with the economic situation due to the wars. When Ginsberg writes, “America when will we end the human war?” (5), I think he is referring to just getting out of World War II then the Korean War. I believe that he is referring to the onset of the Vietnam War when he writes “Asia is rising against me” (55). 

I believe that Ginsberg is ranting due to all the money that America is putting out all of this money to fund wars and he feels that America has no business to be in the middle of it when America has problems right at home. I believe that Ginsberg feels that America should take care of America first. If this is his meaning behind it, how does it relate to America today? How would he react to the way America is today, between wars and homelessness, America’s deficit?


  1. Very well said Corey! I believe Ginsberg would be quite angered by the wars, homelessness, American deficit, immigration and many other controversial issues in today's era. Although, I do think Mr. Ginsberg would be pleased with the progression and acceptance of same sex relationships. In the 50's and 60's, same sex partnerships where highly frowned upon. In today's society, I feel it is far more common and acceptance is more prevalent. Freedoms have flourished and although we are not quite there, I do believe that one day we will all be equal to live our own version of happiness.

  2. I feel as if he had similar views to how we view history today, such as, what was the point of the wars were, and what could have been done to prevent so much damage more subtly. He seems to be a man stuck in his own mind with very philosophical views. A very emotional man, that hurts for his country and all of it's flaws. His youth was painful and he gained a great deal of empathy for others