Sunday, October 19, 2014

Black or White

Adams Week 9 Blog: Black or White

This was very hard to determine the race of the two characters in this story. Throughout the story I changed my mind several times and I’m still not totally for sure, but I will give my opinion. Through the narrator Twyla she states ‘that we looked like salt and pepper standing there and that’s what the other kids called us sometimes.’ (Morrison 3542). So since the narrator is speaking and she used the word salt first gave me the idea that she was white and Roberta was black. Another instance was when Morrison wrote ‘We’re on our way to the Coast. He’s got an appointment with Hendrix.’ (3546). Roberta was speaking of a boy she was with and Jimi Hendrix was a black musician. Another point that made me think Twyla was white is when Morrison wrote ‘Oh, Twyla, you know how it was in those days: black-white. You know how everything was.’(3550). Roberta was making the statement and as you can see she said it in the order black-white. So that goes to show in my opinion that Roberta was black. So with these points being said, it in my opinion that Twyla was white and Roberta was black.

I believe how we read race in society depends on who you ask. Look at the race issues in Ferguson, Missouri. Personally I think every race and gender should be treated equal because in my eyes they are. Race makes up a person, who they are, where they come from. Class issues are ultimately just as important as racial issues in my eyes because everyone has their own opinion.


  1. I also thought maybe the order described it, but at one point, she seems to switch that around. "A black girl and a white girl meeting in a Howard Johnson's on the road and having nothing to say. One in a blue-and-white triangle waitress hat, the other on her way to see Hendrix" (3549). This led me to think the opposite: that Twyla was black and Roberta was white. What do you think?

  2. There are a lot of ideas being repeated in posts this week... See my note about the spoken order on a previous post.