Sunday, October 5, 2014

Essay #1 Pre-write 1-3: Changing Times, Now and Then

Joyce Carol Oates does a wonderful job at explaining the story in great detail. The way that Oates explains the relationship between Connie’s mother and sister June, could this be the reason for the rebellious acts from Connie? Could it be that Connie feels that her mother likes her sister more than she likes her? Oates writes ‘Why don’t you keep your room clean like your sister? How’ve you got your hair fixed – what the hell stinks? Hairspray? You don’t see your sister using that junk.’(3122). Could the reason be that Connie’s mother is comparing Connie to her sister June? Could it be because all her father did was work, eat, and sleep not spending quality time with the family? Instead of Connie actually going to the movies with her friend, she leaves with a boy to go get something to eat. Was this the change of times in a teenagers life, trying to cut the apron strings? Could this have been her first mistake when it comes to running into Arnold Friend? Could these reasons be some of the same reasons Arnold Friend become the stalker, rapist, and murderer?

I interpreted that times were changing for the worse not only for a young woman and her rebellion and deceit, but for society in general. When a community has to worry about a stalker, kidnapper, rapist, and murderer, they have to change their ways of life forever. Nothing will ever be the same as it once was, especially with the disappearance of a young woman from a community. This was a period in time when people could leave their doors unlocked and sleep with their windows open. Society is definitely different now compared to then for these kind of reasons over time. From the way teenagers were then, the crime rate, and types of crimes, were far less trivial than they are today. Parents could discipline their children more freely than they can today.

With the way Oates writes the story of Connie being young, impressionable, and naive, could anything have been done differently to protect Connie from the dilemma and her unfortunate demise that she was facing like better parenting, better information about strangers, or was the this just a time in society that was to naïve itself?

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  1. Corey,
    You have a good start here, and this is such an intriguing story! What specific literary characteristics are you going to explore in your paper? Don't forget you aren't just interpreting; you want to explore the language and literary characteristics of the text. Also, don't forget that a close reading focuses on the literary aspects of the text (what's actually on the page) rather than the historical or social context. There are several resources in the Unit 2 folder that will help with this kind of paper. Let me know if you have questions or want help!