Sunday, October 19, 2014


Lorde: Power

I really liked this poem because it depicts racial tension in a very true light. It also shows how racist people can be no matter who they are or what they do for a living. This particular piece talks about a cop who shoots a kid and explains how race becomes a factor in two different parts of the poem. Unfortunately, this seems to still be true today with police shooting people and for the aftermath that comes afterwards, especially in Ferguson, Missouri.

Lorde writes “The policeman who shot down a 10-year-old in Queens.” (25). Then lorde goes on to say about his trial the police officer stated ‘I didn’t notice the size or nothing else only the color.’ (25). This goes to prove my earlier statement that it doesn’t matter who a person is or their respective profession, racism can be a big problem. Lorde also explains the outcome of his trial by writing “Today that 37-year-old white man with 13 years of police forcing has been set free by 11 white men who said they were satisfied justice had been done and one black woman who said ‘They convinced me.’” (30).

I believe that it was also racist by there being 11 white male jurors and one black female juror. That doesn’t sound like an impartial jury to me! At least today the attorneys for both sides try to pick impartial juries as well as mixed gender and race. This goes to show that society has made advancements in racism, but we are no where close to where we should be.

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  1. I also found myself enjoying this poem a great deal. Her wording of everything just seems to bring the whole situation to life. The racism described is truly horrendous. It's awful to think things used to be like that, and even more awful to know it is still there.