Friday, October 3, 2014

The Monkey House

In my opinion, this story is based upon Vonnegut’s feelings on how the government and science can rule the way society lives, if we let them. Should ethical suicide ever be allowed? What about this sort of population control? The way he writes this story, there is Billy the Poet who is trying to make a stand against the government and show people that society should still have a choice in their own lives.

When Billy the Poet explains the monkey house and the conception of the idea of a pill for the monkeys, ‘We saw a monkey playing with his private parts!’(Vonnegut 36). Then he goes on to say ‘Yes! And J. Edgar Nation was so upset he went straight home and he started developing a pill that would make monkeys in the springtime fit things for a Christian family to see.’(Vonnegut 36). Just because the ethical birth control pill was used in monkey’s to stop their sexual urges, does that mean that it should be used on humans as a birth control pill for population control? Shouldn’t that be a choice and not mandatory? How can a government allow an ethical suicide parlor? Should it be ethical to leave a decision to commit suicide up to themselves or someone else? Should these choices be left up to a government to decide?

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  1. Great points. I agree he is expressing his view on the way the government can run our lives. The government in China already does the population control, and I wonder if America will ever get to a population where the govt even considers this.