Sunday, November 16, 2014

9/11 Poems

Each and every one of these poems is so deep and full of emotions, from the poem of the lost bird to the poem Silent Room where the subject has become defeated and doesn't have the same life they had before because everything for them has changed. The way that poems ends, "not enough, to convince me, that it isn't plugged in, that everything I am isn't burning." They are still living in that moment, in that day. For many people it was impossible to let go of that day. For muslim families suddenly they were viewed as the enemy, the last poem Palestine gives us insight into the lives of regualr muslim familes now held responsible for the actions of few. They were expected to have answers to be able to explain why when they themselves might have lost friends and family in the World Trade Center. So many peoples lives were changed forever when the two towers fell. And this collection of poems gives us insight on the the many lives that were changed and how they were effected. I think it's a great collection of poems that really gives a well rounded veiw of the people impacted and the different way people were effected by the events of one day. 

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  1. The poem Silent Room made no sense to me. How did you arrive at that interpretation? what did the author mean by" I'm taking that damn iron with me tomorrow when I leave the apartment. Its snake-like cord on the floor not enough to convince me it isn't plugged in,.." ?