Sunday, November 16, 2014

His Only Outlet

Okay I honestly think that is Alison Bechdel's father was alive now he'd be addicted to Pinterest, most people are and most creative people have hundreds of boards pretaining to their interests. I plan on making one or even two Pinterest board's for Alison's father. I think I'll make one but include both interior design aspects and high fashion. He took the way his family was presented incredibly seriously. So first impressions were important to him. And his asthetic seems to be more Victorian period than modern. Especially since they lived in a Victorian Gothic home. I think creating this board and stepping back from it will show how much design meant to Bechdel's father. How when living a lie, and having only one outlet that feels like it truly is apart of who you really are that becomes key to your identity. Most people dream of having perfect little familes, perfect homes to live in and for appearances sake that's what the Bechdel's had. Their home was a masterpiece, their father made sure each of them dressed immaculately and they were raised by two intelligent parents but all these things meant nothing to who they all really were. It was a mask over their identities. Pinterest is an awesome form of social media because it's a way to share ideas, tip and tricks and so much advice to save people in the long run. Bechdel's father makes a comment about collecting all the piece of art and furniture because they were beautiful and beauty was important to him. We see that in almost ever panel including him, putting on bronzer to improve his image and taking the time to take a photo because everything needed to be perfect. It's not that all these things aren't imporant to him and that he doesn't care about them but they are a mask that he hides behind so nobody sees his true self. But I think it'll say a lot more about who he was and what he was going through, at least I hope so. But humans are complex so maybe it won't work out like I think it would. 

I do wonder who we are to present this to you though, should we just include a link to the pinterset page in our paper, or something like that? I'm a little confused on that part of the paper but I think I've got the gist of how I'm supposed to do this and how it's supposed to go. 

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  1. Kayla,
    Yes. You'll create the Pinterest board(s) and give the link(s) (make sure the privacy settings will let me view it). Then in the paper you'll analyze/reflect on your creative interpretation and what it shows us about the literature.