Sunday, November 2, 2014

New York Day Women

In Haiti when you get hit by a car, the owner of the car get's out and kicks you for getting blood on his bumper.
I see a parallel between the car owner and the narrator and the victim and her mother.  The narrator can't help but feel ashamed of her mother at times, she feels like she's suffered due to her mother's cultural differences and eccentricities. She blames her mother, if subtly and sometimes unconsciously, for some of her own struggles in the US. Really her mother was the immigrant who had to make it on her own much of the time, she had to raise a child and be without her family and people like herself.  Her mother suffers quietly, with dignity and grace, while the daughter sneaks away behind a Sweden Tours bus.  I don't completely blame the daughter, she has it hard too, she doesn't hate her mother she just doesn't understand her.  She doesn't realize any pain she might have or why she does the things she does.  But she does blame her mother, she definitely does, her Haitian blood is on her bumper and now everyone can see the stain and just how clumsy her mother is.

Do you see other quotes from her mother that are oddly fitting? Which ones? 

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