Friday, November 28, 2014

The Road

I think that the belief in God would be the man's insistence that there were good people in the world. The man wanted his son to believe in goodness and just maybe a higher being. The idea that a man and his son were trapped in a purgatory world with hope for a better future. I know that the man is dying but he still hopes for his son's future. The God is in the man's selfless sacrifices for his son. I don't see the divinity in the son but rather a salvation for mankind in the boy. The man realizes that he is an alien to his son. "Maybe he understood for the first time that to the boy he was himself an alien. A being from a planet that no longer existed." (Cormac 163).The boy holds the key for constructing a new world for himself. The father is the son's guide and protector while the son acclimates to his world.  The boy still believes in goodness as exhibited by the boy’s concern for the old man and wanting to share their food with him.  The boy continues to look at not the past but the future.


  1. I wonder though if we can really call this religion or if it is hope and morality (goodness). The Man makes several comments throughout about God and religion dismissing traditional notions of deity. He talks about the boy in religious terms in several places.

  2. What is the definition of religion? I can only answer that based on my opinions, experiences, and cultural background. I was raised Catholic so my interpretation of religion is based heavily on that religion. Religion is a system of beliefs that guides a person throughout their lives to live a richer and more meaningful life. I feel that most people share a spirituality that enables them to feel that their existence has meaning and is fulfilling a higher purpose. In the Road the father is fulfilling his goal of saving the boy and teaching him values that will guide him in the new natural world of ash and destruction.