Saturday, August 30, 2014

A Super Late Introduction

Hey all!  My name is Eleanor (ignore the "Wooden Finger" title, apparently my ancient blog was still in existence when I accepted the invite to this one).  This is my final semester at STLCC and I'm a Film Studies major.  Along with this and some communications classes I'm taking a Children's Literature class this semester which should make for interesting comparisons to the likes of Arthur Miller.  I'm flying back and forth from New York City (my hometown) this semester to help my mom out at home and then I'm moving back for good once I graduate.  So a lot of this work (and definitely the reading) I may be doing from a plane!
I've always been a big reader, both of my parents are and even as a kid when my dad was still reading to me, he may have skipped my "appropriate" age bracket all together, reading me the Lord of the Rings trilogy and Animal Farm.  I've worked on and off at bookstores and museums and my friends and I love going to author events, I'm getting ready to meet the author James Dashner (The Maze Runner series) in a couple of weeks!
I love the Harry Potter series, Augusten Burroughs, Mark Childress and Frankenstein is probably my favorite book.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what books y'all use as examples or reference in your own posts and checking them out for myself!  Like I said I am a film major, I love films of the 30's and 40's and Literature after 1945 seems like a great place for a film buff like me to be.
Fun Fact: I have three tattoos.  A black and red ship on the inside of my left arm, a black a green spaceship on my right forearm. and the words "I've got the something" across my shins (it starts on one leg and finishes on the other)

Me recently getting really into it at a concert with my friends
my best friend and I on our way to that very concert


  1. I liked your introduction. Your major sounds very interesting. What exactly will you do when you graduate? I am also curious about the tattoo on your shins what does it mean?

  2. I used to work at a small museum in New York that also owned a bar and an off-Broadway Theater. Befor I moved to STL I was working on getting old films to be shown at the theater as events for the museum. I was also getting them write ups in local blogs, magazines, daily papers, etc. I'm really into history and I love bringing people together to talk and book/film clubs are right up my alley. A museum job (preferably related to film) is really what I'm looking for.
    And my tattoo is actually a line from a Hanson song, "Something Going 'Round" the full chorus is
    I've got this something
    That's been going round
    I've got this something
    You don't know it
    But you need it

    It's a line that has really resonated with me as a self motivator. I've had a rough past few years and I've been in and our of school due to issues with finding my place and my mother being ill. This song just always gets me going!
    Thanks for asking!

  3. Woah I also have three tattoos: my first was my rib cage. I have three daisies for me and my two sisters. Then I got my shoulder blade. That's similar to a rosary but instead of a cross it has an ahnk and charms representing each member of my family with the words "I'll never let you fall" and finally I got a peace sign hanging from a rope on my hip. That's a little one so it hardly counts. But I love tattoos. I think they say so much about a person but at the same time can say nothing at all. They can be colorful reminders of our past or goals for our futures. It's my favorite form of wearable art.

    So you're from NYC? What ever brought you to STL? I'm sorry to hear about your mother but it's awesome you're sticking with your education despite this unfortunate circumstance. I wish you the best,


  4. Movies from the 30's and 40's is just another thing on my long list of things I've been meaning to get into, specifically classic film noir. I've seen things like The Maltese Falcon, The Big Sleep and Double Indemnity, but I really want to see more of the deep cuts (although those movies are fantastic in their own right and are flagship films for a reason).

  5. Welcome Eleanor! Better late than never... I'm jealous about the Dashner meet! :) If you had to recommend three films every person should see once in their lives what would they be?

    1. Shadow of a Doubt, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and All the President's Men