Thursday, August 28, 2014

Willy's Mental Stability

Alright well I tried something different and a tad bit outside of my comfort zone. I know it's not the best but hey I pushed myself and I think it's pretty neat to do a video blog post. I really hope you guys like it and maybe I broke the ice so more of us can discuss this way without feeling embarrassed, I don't think you'll do any worse than me. But please comment, let's discuss the pursuit of the American Dream and Willy Loman's decline into delusional mental instability.


  1. This is a fantastic idea! Great work on innovating the blog! This is an idea I'll join you in during the coming weeks.

    I agree with the part of Willy's mental stability coming from guilt. He did make mistakes: the affair, etc. Willy sees life as "I must succeed no matter what," and the idea that Biff could ruin his marriage means he's not in control, he's not numero uno, he's broken down to, at the very least, another sucker. He's got no power in that situation, and as Willy is built up by Miller, one can assess this is not something he's okay with. But, he doesn't have any friends to talk to aside from Charley. This alone would ruin one's mental stability. It would fill one with panic, which in result might build more guilt.

    I agree that working too hard can have negative affects on an individual. Once it becomes an obsession, it's going to have repercussions.

  2. Good points Kayla and Cory! I wonder if we see this as an indictment of Willy alone or a wider criticism of the changes our country was going through at the time and the effect of these on the individual?

    And Kayla, I LOVE the video blog post! I'll post some myself once this cold clears up! +1 for sure!