Friday, August 22, 2014

Introduction, Week 1: David Schmiedeskamp

Hey, I'm David Schmiedeskamp.  I currently am attending Wildwood to receive my accosociates degree. I am a sophomore.  I have never been much of a reader until about five years ago.  For two of those years I was overseas, and had a lot of down time with nothing to but read.  So I began to read a lot.  I haven't kept up as much as I would like to be reading now.  I have a busy schedule.  I am a high school rugby coach, and play on a men's club rugby team here in St. Louis.  My favorite author is Tim O'Brien.  I have read and reread multiple times "The Things They Carried," and "If I Die In a Combat Zone."  I enjoy his works so much because I can relate to them on a personal level.  He tells the story through the eyes of an infantry soldier in war, just like I was.  The wars might have been different, but the feeling and emotions are the same.  I apologize for taking so long to write this, but I am technologically challenged.  I am looking forward to working with everyone in the class.

P.S. I have tried this 3 times, but my computer will not upload any pictures so next time I will have one of myself.


  1. Welcome to the class David! So where were you stationed at overseas and what did you do in the Army? How do you like teaching High School Rugby? I am going to have to check out those two titles because I like military and war novels. Good luck this semester and I look forward to reading your blogs this semester. Try and stay cool out there during these hot days.

  2. Hi David,
    No worries about the technology. We'll figure it out as we go. One thing to note about pictures in can't copy and paste a picture into a blog post for some reason. You have to use the insert image button instead. When you are typing, right above the text box, there is a row of buttons, and there's one that looks like a little picture. This is what you use to insert an image. Hope this helps!

    Tim O'Brien is an amazing author! "The Things They Carried" is so powerful. I'm curious what you thought of Jarrell's war poem? Examining the literature of war would be a great topic for one of our papers this semester.

    Welcome to the class!

  3. Hi David I am not that good on the computer I had to ask someone at work about how to put a picture on my blog. Also I had to get help to post. As Ms. Swindle said we will figure it out as we go. So cheer up we will get through this as a class.

  4. Hi David. I am that are others who are struggling with technology like me. I was just asking my 12 year old son to help me out. But we will figure it out and learn a new skill in the process.