Sunday, October 12, 2014

death by alphbetical order

I know that this blog will probably not meet the length criteria because even though I read through the whole alphabet I don’t know what I think about it.  It was quite strange and I understand about graphic novel and the idea for an alphabet book with stories about young children who perish is kind of extreme.  I think the graphic stark black, white and gray gives them a chillingly touch of reality. It makes me think that a child could have actually illustrated the book.  The drawings are rather simplistic and look like something someone would doodle in their notebooks while listening to a boring class.  The names used in the book reminded me of English names. For example, Yorick (Shakespeare character). Maud is another old fashioned name and Neville who died of ennui. I am sure that some people would have to brush up on their vocabulary to understand the nuances of the book.   I think this graphic piece of work was a page turner though because I couldn’t wait to read how everyone was dying in a new and novel way.  

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