Sunday, October 26, 2014

Red Convertable

This story was insane. I loved it. I thought the car was supposed to be Henry. But I also thought that was a pretty straightforward metaphor. Lyman loves that car for the times he had with his brother in it. It takes seeing the car broken down and destroyed to give Henry not only some kind of purpose, but a purpose in hopes that it might somehow redeem Henry himself. But he can't get it quite right. It still isn't as whole as it used to be, no matter how hard Henry tries, just like Henry the man. And this is what really got me. Henry killed himself because of the whole never being really whole and back to who he was thing. But the big cathartic ending of pushing the car into the river just felt right. It's not so much that it's just following the idea of the car being a metaphor for Henry and dies in the river just like him, as much as it was Lyman finally letting his brother that really never came home go.

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