Friday, October 31, 2014

New York Day Woman

New York Day Woman reminded me of some of my relatives.  I had an Aunt Annie and she was from   Czechoslovakia.  She traveled all over the city using public transportation.  She was also very frugal.  I think that this woman has also been tested by poverty and knows the value of saving and not being extravagant.  She is confident in a quiet way. She knows the world and is comfortable being who she is.  The daughter however, is ashamed of her mother.  She wants to know, “Why, you can’t you look like a lady playing softball?” (Danticat 3848). I think that the mother knows that her daughter is ashamed of her because the mother never went to any of her daughter’s parent-teacher conference.  The child that the mother is watching in the park accepts the New York day woman unconditionally and enjoys being in her company.  The mother doesn’t want to shame her daughter. “Shame is heavier than a hundred bags of salt.” (Danticat 3849). The mother makes light of the fact that she has to have dentures. She states “You can take them out when they bother you. I’ll like them, I’ll like them fine.” (Danticat 3846).  The New York day woman has made her peace in the world. 

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