Thursday, October 9, 2014

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?

     As I read this story I must say that Joyce Carol Oates did an excellent job writing this short story.  This puts you in the mind of two generations.  The generation when I was growing up and the generation of today.  Two sisters that are very different in how they seem to do things in there lives.  the sister June who is in her twenty's is more conservative, in her dress, make-up, and who she spend her time with, her work, and she still lives with her mother.  She has a good job as a secretary at the high school where her sister goes.  That is Connie the sixteen year old that we are comparing to.  Now Connie is very different she loves to where make-up, and color her hair  with loud colors that is fashion trends.  She also loves to go out with her friends and party.  On one Friday evening Connie   and her friend went to the mall were they would go to shop, movies, and to me boys.  Boys that is what was on Connie's mind.  Her sister June as we said was different.  There mother and her sister would always praise June and always asked Connie why she couldn't be like her.  With that said Connie would wish sometimes that her mother was dead.  There father was the bread winner of the family his routine was the same everyday.  He would go to work, come home ,eat dinner, read the paper, and then go to bed. 
     How I compare this I look at June as myself I was a very conservative person I would always clean up behind myself, made sure everything was in order, I didn't  go out every night of the week searching for a man or just to be seen.  the females of today some but not all are looking for someone to love them, they go out to clubs, movies, and will flirt just to get people to see them. 

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