Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Red Convertible: Lyman Lamartine

The story has several incidents of magic realism in it.  Lyman's ability to make money so easily and not worrying about being called up for the draft.  But the incident that stood out for me was in the end when Henry drowns.  It starts out in an ordinary way with both of them sitting on the bank.  Then Henry suddenly decides to jump in the river. But the scene unfolds in an otherworldy way as Henry says so calmly, "My boots are filling." (3394) an then, "He says this in a normal voice, like he just noticed and he doesn't know what to think of it." (3394) It all seems to unfold in a very calm peaceful way, almost like a dream.  There does not seem to be any panic or confusion as this tragic event is happening. It make me wonder if Henry was ready to die.  Was the drowning intentional or an accident?  Had he made his peace with the world and as ready to let go? Did he think that his life would never get any better?

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