Thursday, October 2, 2014

Monkey House

I believe Vonnegut is criticizing  Christianity and religious beliefs in general.  At the end of the story when Billy talks directly about this how the world can afford sex, just not reproduction. I believe the bible says sex is only for reproduction.  He also criticizes other laws made in the name of God.  Depending on where each person stands, Billy could be considered a hero or a villain, for the same reason.  He made Nancy and countless others realize they don't have to live the way they were born and raised to believe they had to.  She had other freedoms, although I believe in the story they were illegal.  I think Vonnegut is giving science credit when it comes to the birth control pills. He left them on the table for her at the very end and said take one a month and you wont have kids. They were the pills originally meant for the monkeys at the monkey house.  When it comes to Vonnegut using sexual assault to free her up, I think everyone has their own opinion on it. I don't think it's problematic because I can understand this is story and he is making a point.  Hopefully people can realize that, but also some people might take offense to that because it is a touchy subject.
I don't lean either way on his argument, but for his side of the argument he brings good points to the table. I think his point had to do with more than just the freedom of sexuality, and maybe it went further he was saying the government limits each of us in many ways.

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