Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Entropy: Arbitrarily Random Nature of the World

Is transition requisite to perpetrate the change of velocity per unit of time( Does one have to necessitate the rudiment drumming to forebode the introduction of the ensemble? Life does not require a prelude. Pynchon renders life in its rawest form: ever flowing. Humans do not stop beat by beat to interpret every moment of continuous manifestation of growth. Entropy is bluntly named to entail the arbitrarily random nature of the world. “‘Never the less,’ continued Callisto, “he found in entropy or the measure of disorganization for a closed system an adequate metaphor to apply to certain phenomena in his own world”(Pynchon3026). Chaos defines the reality of human nature. Phenomena is not simply a nonpareil happening, but rather a casualty within an unconfined, rhythmic journey. Pynchon’s lack of transition defines the distinction between reality and fallacy in which all is an existence of regularity. 

As Aubade “tore away the drapes and smashed out the glass with two exquisite hands which came away bleeding and glistening with splinters; and turned to face the man on the bed and wait with him until the moment of equilibrium was reached when 37 degrees Fahrenheit should prevail both outside and inside, and forever, and the hovering curious dominant of their separate lives should resolve into a tonic of darkness and the final absence of all motion”(Pynchon3032). The fate of the universe unfolds. All matter becomes homogeneous; temperature defines the fate of humanity( Parallel worlds collide resulting in a doomed fate of darkness. Pynchon concludes “Entropy” in depicting the providence of mankind’s assured collapse. The congruency of the nature world simply defines the end of free thought. Are we doomed if humanity continues to fight the entropies within our own lives? Are transitions necessary to define our thought and existence?        

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  1. Your post really allowed me to look at the story differently. The story was difficult for me to really grasp onto, because of it's business and it's message. Our post really cleared the story up for me. Pynchon is a few intelligence and deep thinker. He really provides a lot of substance to his stories, and really makes you think.