Sunday, October 12, 2014

Welcome To The Monkey House

     Well this is a story that speaks for it self.  As I read this story over and over again it didn't make any sense to me.  When the author mention the word" nothinghead " what kind of word is this, then when he gave the meaning of the word I really was puzzled then.  Then the phrase " ethical birth-control pills three times a day."  As you see no one of this makes any sense.  So as I read on I started trying to understand this .  The Hostesses where the ladies that runs a call girl house.  when the police was looking for this guy name Billy but they had never seen him or didn't even have a picture to identify him by that is where they went.  But the girls was the only ones that could identify him.  So we have a drug dealer is who I took Billy at.  So when he would slip the men this pill they say that below the waist felt cold as iron or balsa-wood.  The woman said that below the waist they felt like wet cotton or stale ginger ale.  These pills was very poteen  as they say.  To the women Billy was known for the poems that he written or rewrote to fit the women he was trying to impress.  Near the end of the story Nancy was one of the ladies that the police know was close to him when they wired up her phone they thought they had him when he called her.  But when they traced him down he said he was  a friend.  Then one day he came and got Nancy  out the house, he didn't take her out the door and to a car or cab.  He took her down the sewer drain, so he kidnapped her.  as the police was looking for Billy they didn't know that their witness Nancy was missing as well.   When they went to the zoo that is where they went to the monkey house to see the monkeys and then the phone rang and they answered it right in the monkey house.  Now where do the Monkey House fit in with Billy and the girls?

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  1. Brenda I'm afraid to say but I think you need to read this story one more time. But I'll answer some of your questions so that it'll be easier to figure things out. For starters this is a dystopian novel, Vonnegut sets his story in the future and in a whole heavily populated hence the need for "ethical birth control pills" those are not illegal drugs being slung by Billy the Poet (Billy doesn't take ethical birth control pills) they are government mandated drugs. Nothingheads is the term for people that don't take the pills. Because they are driven by their sexual impulses and sexual desires they threaten population growth and society. The Monkey House is actually a rather important symbol in this novel it represents the reason for the birth controls creation and the sexual freedom Billy seeks to deliver. This is an amazing story. I think if you read it one last time knowing this background you'll understand more of it and the depth that it really has.
    Good Luck