Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Good Man Is Hard To Find by Flannery O'Connor

Bailey mother was trying to keep him from taking his family and her to Florida on vacation.  She had read in the paper that the Misfit was on the loose from the Federal Penn and he was headed toward Florida.  The grandmother(Baileys) mother was trying to tell Bailey and his wife that there children needed to go to different places so that they can explore new things, and learn history.  She also suggested going to Tennessee some place different for  Baileys family and  for her  as well.  Baileys mom wanted to meet up with her friends as well she hadn't seen them in a while.  You would have though that Bailey was a child not a grown man because of the way his mother treated him.  She always went with him and his family on vacation   and where ever they went.  When you look at Baileys  mother  she is from back in the day, when it was said that ladies should always wear dresses, and that their children  should take care of there parents.  As they started out on their journey the children was having such fun with the grandmother, she was keeping them engaged and teaching them about history.  There mother said that they were having fun and is enjoying this trip.  As they went on the grandmother with the help of the children talked Bailey into taking them to see the house that the grand mother grew up in.  After  driving for hours  the grandmother realize they was not the right place.  That caused the cat that she had smuggled on the trip, and caused them to have an accident and run off the road.  During this the car that stopped to help them was the Misfits.  The one they was not trying to come in contact with.  When the grandmother recognized who he was, Bailey tried to get his mother to stop talking but she keep on.  If she would have listen to her son they might be alive today? 

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