Monday, September 15, 2014

Sonny Blues

As I read this story it brought back memories of my childhood and how my family is today.  As a family first of all we were brought up in church and we went every Sunday even to Sunday school.  My mother was a woman that took care of the house and the children and my father was the bread winner of the family.  There are three children 1son and 2 daughters, with that said my brother is the first born.  He was always looking after my sister and I.  When in school he would ask me if  I had lunch money.  He had a car and drove to school in high school I new that I always had a ride home.  This story takes me back to the 70's and 80's era with him being three years older then me.  When my sister was born she and I are six years apart.  And I made sure she was taking care of.  Now as we gotten older I think we are like Sonny and his brother.  Sonny being the youngest his brother felt like he had let him down.  And in Sonny's  case he felt like all He let drugs and alcohol rule him.  When he was  confined for several years I think that is when he started trying to clear his mind and get his life on track.  When his mother died that really bought him down and his brother thought it was nothing that he could do to help him.    At some point in life I think every family goes through that  when we feel like you have grew up and you should be able to stand on your own two feet.  I did that with my family and sometimes they just need help on getting started.  when him and his brother had a conversation about what was on his mind.  Right then he knew that his brother was reaching out to him.  The revival was a breaking point as well.  I can tell that their mom must have taken them to church as kids, because of the songs that was  sung at the revival brought back memories.  When he told his brother he wanted him to go and her him play that was truly the day that they became really close.  We cannot judge a book by its cover and that goes for people we cannot judge a person by the way they look or act?

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