Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Hobos Yesterday and Today

What we know as  homeless people in todays society was called hobos in the 50's though the 80's or maybe somewhere in the early 90's. Back then a homeless person or hobo didn't have the trouble that they have today.  They have no where to lay their heads or to take a good hot bath.  As we seem them in our city they are laying on sidewalks, bus stop benches, park benches, or just in a grassy area.  They are always standing in what might be a busy intersection with signs asking can you spear $1.00 so I can get something to eat.  When they ask for this you can see that some of them really only want the money to buy booze, cigarettes, or illegal drugs.  We look at them and we judge them as being dirty and contaminated.  I must apologize because I might have judge someone without thinking.  On the other hand as I read this article this is not how the hobos was treated back in the day.  They were sleeping in some fine places, they was not disturbed by the local authorities like they do today.  People would hand out money and food and some would even invite them into there homes and think nothing about it.  They where friends to some of the children and would help with handy work around the homes.  So why is things different then yesterday or today as you look at this situation.  They are both the same kind of issues in todays society as it was in the early years? 

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  1. Jack Kerouac really makes a case for footloose and fancy free. He makes a good argument for America's leading historical citizens could be classified as bums: Benjamin Franklin, John Muir and even Teddy Roosevelt.