Friday, September 12, 2014


All in a days work is how I would describe this poem.  It starts out (to me) up beat and positive, like this is a happy do well family, then the truth is told about the family, then it ends with a depressing "and we sing Hallelujah".
In a weird way I enjoyed this poem, because it tells a tale of so many people and families who are completely fake.  "Then we go into the real world" is the line where the family shows who they really are.  People find ways to shield who they really are, but for what. Acting one way to make themselves feel better doesn't make up for who they really are. Why not embrace who you are and live truly.
Or on the other hand, maybe this family absolutely needs prayer in order to stick together because of the lies they are living.  I think the author is basically bashing religion in general, showing that they can be fake and act holy together but then the parents go cheat on each other and the kids are delinquents, and then when it is time to reunite they are back to their fake selves.

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