Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Death of a Salesman (Dementia )

As I read this scrip and watched this video, this family had a lot going on.  Well Willy was a husband in his 60s and had just lost his job.  I want to say because the company decided that he was to old and they could hire a person that is fresh out of college with a degree, and much younger.  Then you look at another side of this is Willy beginning to slow down his work performance  do to an illness called Dementia Alzheimer.    I think that his wife Linda knows that there is something going on with him, but she is in denial about the todays society.  She is still living back in the early years maybe when they said that a wife is not to pressure her husband about anything.
     Willy showed signs to me that he has dementia when he told his wife that he took the windshield out and that he drove for hours.  Then when she suggested that the take a ride, and take the windshield  out to get some fresh air.  That's when he tells his wife that the car don't have a window that comes out.  Willy also stated that he has been driving a around for hours this is what took the case for me. 
Biff is his older son and he has been thinking about how he was always on top of everything he was involved in as a kid.  But now that he is grown he treats Biff as if he is a disappointment to the family, he cause him to really get upset when he see him. 

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