Thursday, September 18, 2014

Door wide open

"Yes I will come to Mexico!"
Johnson starts off this reply with an enthusiastic expression seemingly desperate to go somewhere that isn't where she is now.  Immediately after though she takes a different tone, scolding and comforting Kerouac for calling himself a bum while assuring him he is not.  Hobo is better put, as said in previous works. Traveler, journeyman. This adventure she is about to embark on really is making her excited about what the future holds, and thinking of the past and how things ended up for her and her friends gets her reminiscing and missing her old friends who have gone off to different parts of the world.  All of that seems to not matter because she is excited to get to Mexico, where she doesn't know what the weather is like.  It is clear how much she likes him, when she writes how only he can make her feel safe in an otherwise "bad neighborhood". He puts a change in her, something only he can do.

I don't really get where she fits in with the Beat style, I see that she is "cool" compared to Ginsberg and the others, but I'm not sensing beat in these writings.  When describing the marriageable middle-class white woman, she makes it out to be a negative thing, or at least that is what I am getting.  Can't it just be "not for everyone" instead of all around bad? I am sure lots of women don't want or consider to get out and write on their own.  I do see the pros of being able to be out on your own, make your own rules, live according to no one but yourself, but lots of people like structure in their lives.

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