Sunday, September 21, 2014

Joyce Johnson

This story was a good story to read.  What I like about this story is that a girl from a nice two parent family, decided that she was going to get her a job and save here some money and move out of her parents home.  What she did first was took some money and found her a room.  Then a few weeks later she bought her some essential things that she would need. Then when the day came she got up early that morning and went into her parents room and told them that she was moving out.  she knew that in her town that she lived what the down fall would be.  And as soon as the neighbor seen a single girl moved in and he knew her family he called her mother and told her that she was with child.  The girl knew that would happen.  When her mother called her she explained know that was not true.  She just was growing up and trying to be independent.  As for me growing up , she reminds me of how I was.  I became independent and had my first job when I was a junior in high school.  I bought things for myself, and there was know pressure for my parents.  I think that I am always the person in my family that will be called on the most.  what do you think do a man move out and able to take care of themselves?   

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  1. Independence shouldn't be viewed differently based on sex. A women is just as capable of success as a man. Society tells us that the man is suppose to care for the financial needs of their families, but if a women fulfills this duty it's frowned upon. Today, it is viewed slightly different, but it is still flawed. What Johnson was trying to portray, especially during her time, was very insightful and is still something women work to achieve today. Women of all aged still are viewed similar to children, and the idea that we can not be independent from this idea is tragic.