Saturday, September 27, 2014


As you see I really fell for the girls out of the three authors in this section.  They both cam from extreme families.  They both went to top rated schools and I enjoyed their readings.  Sexton poem 'Housewife" when you read this it doesn't sound like the title.  A housewife is a person that takes care of their family by making sure there needs are fulfill as to what they need as food clean clothes, and a clean home.  But as you look at  the first line "Some woman marry houses" To me that is the woman that thinks more on how well she want that building to look.  That still does not mean that a home or a house.  Line 5 "See how she sits on her knees all day."  I take that as she is praying for her family and praying that her house is a house of peace.  Her Poem 'Somewhere in Africa " really lets you know that she was a spiritual woman and she put God first in her life.  The book should have put this poem before "Housewife" then I think you would have gotten a full understanding of what  her poems was all about.

     Now as I look at Plath poems her writing was really about becoming a single parent and raising her sons.  Her poems that was really written for her children because she  knew after separating from her husband that  they was going to need something to remember him by.  But she then took her own life, so now her sons have two voids to fill.  To me I think both of these ladies was always thinking about the other people or family members that they really cared deeply about.  So you can say that they did  have something both in common.

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  1. "Some woman marry houses" Do you think Sexton might have been making a political statement here about how marriage causes women to be chained to the home?