Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fear and Loathing

As I read the bio of Thompson I was amazed  of his articles that he wrote.  After reading about his life as a young child and how he  was raised as a kid.  His father deceased and his mother was an alcoholic.  As from my understanding of this reading he did use drugs and was in a gang or a gangster as they called it back in the day.  This caused him to go to jail because of all the things he did and the trouble he was in.  So that lead him to enlist in the military.  The dialog that he used in this article is all on what he thought and how he explained it.  But as I read it I still didn't think this was him being a bad boy or a good boy during this fear or loathing.  Then as you read this you will see that his lawyer was with him at all times.  So was the lawyer his protection or was he there as his partner of crime?  This could have been something that was made up.  The boy that they had with them was someone that they picked up along the way. Amazing how he traveled with drugs, weapons, and alcohol and firearms across country and he was never cult.  How would you really take this story, when I read the next segment I hope to have a better understanding.


  1. I definitely think the lawyer was his accomplice and partner in crime. The lawyer was eager for the trip to Vegas probably was looking for any excuse for a road trip with plenty of drugs and booze and expenses paid.

  2. Brenda,
    Are you saying Thompson was always a bit of a rebel? :)