Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thompson and Lahey

Gonzo journalism definitely is Hunter Thompson’s body of work. I looked up “Gonzo” journalism and discovered it is about not objective reporting but subjective reporting and putting yourself and feelings often written in 1st person into the writings. Thompson’s writing about his drug fuelled trip to Vegas is definitely very “Gonzo” I can’t even the number the amount of drugs, booze and ether both Thompson and his Samoan lawyer consumed during their trip. The most important thing for them to pack was a healthy supply of drugs for their trip. As I read the story all I could think about was how they were driving under the influence and I hoped that they did not cause any accidents. I was not especially entertained by Thompson’s drug induced hallucinations “The woman’s face was changing: swelling, pulsing…horrible green jowls, and fangs jutting out, the face of a Moray Eel!” (Thompson page 13) I would have to say that I agree with Bill Clinton’s put down of Thompson and his recklessness. The picture of Thompson in the biography looked like Jim Lahey of “Trailer Park Boys.” Lahey is a character who was never sober in his adult life. The character Ricky could also be styled after Thompson. He uses drugs as if it is common place and what’s wrong with you if don’t use them. The most positive thing I can say for Thompson’s style is that he keeps it very real, graphic and fast paced. He doesn’t care a great deal for moral issues but seems to live in the moment as if his actions have no negative consequences.

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  1. Vanessa,
    I agree that some of the imagery and events in Fear and Loathing are disconcerting, but at the same time they are part of its appeal as well, a way to vicariously experience things we never would (or for some would want to) ourselves. I find Clinton's dismissal or Thompson (like most drug policy) to be overly-simplistic and reductive myself...